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Gbets welcomes every new user, providing an extremely quick and easy way to register on the platform (Gbets registration) !

Gbets sa reg

Gbets Register Online Application Forms

All you need to do to experience the pleasure of sports betting offered by the bookmaker is (Gbets online registration):

  1. Enter your phone number followed by the password you need to create
  2. Your two names (Personal and family)
  3. Number of your identity document (ID card or Passport), as well as your date of birth
  4. Your email address, which is optional as a step, followed by your gender
  5. At the end of the process you will be asked for a source of income with a choice of drop-down menu and promo code (if you have one available)
  6. The last step required of you is to simply tick the box to agree that you are aware of the site’s privacy policy, confirming that you are 18 years of age or older.

You will complete the gbets register online procedure after completing these steps.

Gbets Deposit

Such as Gbets register process the deposit process is also extremely simple, as Gbets and its team deeply appreciate the time of their users!

Remember that before you can make any attempt to deposit on the site, you should have a gbets registration and must be logged in to your account.

How to deposit with EFT?

  1. Start the process with the “Deposit” button, then specify EFT as a method, enter the amount you want and send your request with the appropriate button.
  2. A list containing your reference number will appear in front of you, together with the relevant bank details.


  1. Current account
  2. Account number: 62445901011
  3. Branch code: 250655
  4. Name of the branch – Westgate
  5. Payment reference number – Your user ID

Standard Bank

  1. Business current account
  2. Account number: 401401103
  3. Branch code: 016641
    Name of the branch – Westgate
  4. Payment reference number – Your user ID


  1. Current account
  2. Account number: 1180 592 069
  3. Branch code: 198 341 00
  4. Account type: Buisness PAYU
  5. Reference number – your user ID

To prove payment of your deposit, please contact to receive confirmation.

How to deposit by credit card?

  1. The process starts again with the “Deposit” button, followed by selecting a deposit method (in this case a credit card)
  2. Enter the amount and the data of your card in the field, then send your deposit application. Once you do this, your account will be credited.

How to deposit by voucher method?

Before resorting to the step of depositing with a voucher, you must purchase one.

  1. Load the voucher you have already purchased, first click on the deposit button, then choose payment with OTT or 1 voucher, depending on which of the two you have purchased.
  2. Attach the voucher number, click on the payment button, then you will receive a message confirming your successful payment.

Gbets Sign up / Withdraw

In the case of your withdrawals, you must be logged in to your platform account again, then:

  1. Click on the most convenient gbets withdrawal method for you, after which a notification box will appear on your screen with the requested amount you have requested to withdraw.
  2. Finalize the process through “Confirmation” and expect your bank receipts within 24 hours of your request.